The Multilink team attended the retreat which took place on 22 – 24 June 2022 in Blantyre in Malawi as part of the Liverpool Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme. The retreat looked at the 4 themes which included Illness and disease; Population-level health data; Causality and prevention; Health systems and care models and what cross cutting themes have emerged across these four domains.

This regional retreat brought together researchers and other key stakeholders to stimulate collaboration, knowledge exchange and collective learning about multimorbidity in sub-Saharan Africa. Our collective starting point is recognition of the heterogeneity of sub-Saharan African countries and their differences from the high-income settings from which most knowledge about multimorbidity derives, but also of a wealth of knowledge and experience already accumulated in academic and applied spheres.

The aim of the retreat was to critically explore the emerging potentials of this conceptual lens in the context of different problems, disciplines, and settings across the region.