Ramadhani J. Mashoka

Ramadhani is an ICT Officer at Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) in Emergency Medicine Department (EMD) since August 2014. He is holding Advanced Diploma in Information Technology (ADIT). He is a master’s student in ICT for Project Management at the College of Business Education (CBE).

He is administering the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) used in EMD. Wellsoft for Emergency Department Information System (Wellsoft EDIS) is the deployed EMR in EMD. He makes sure all systems backup performed, various kind of report from the Wellsoft EDIS generated and the Wellsoft EDIS can manage all patients’ flows in EMD.

He is an active member of the Emergency Medicine Association of Tanzania (EMAT) since 2017 and he is providing technical and non-technical support to the various Research Projects, which conducted under EMAT.He is also the first line support for Jeeva System, Picture Archiving Capture System (PAC System – Clear Canvas system), Insurance System (eClaim System), Network Solutions, Hardware & Software Solutions. His role in Multilink project is to coordinate and acts as firsthand person in ICT and Data Management. Including reviewing data entry daily, troubleshooting data entry failures and together with data quality team review quality of team.