Chiku Juma Simbano

Chiku serves as an Administrator in the Emergency Medicine Association of Tanzania (EMAT), Her interests go further to research and training and has been actively involved in some research and training activities via EMAT as an administrator, these includes EMS (Emergency Medical Service) expansion in Tanzania, Development of a Trauma registry in Tanzania, COVID 19 trainings, and for the last 6 years served as administrator in coordination of the residents program linking the university and EMAT. Her role in Multilink project is to coordinate all meetings and ensure the proper documentation and reports are generated, maintain soft and hard copies of all correspondences, prepare reports and presentations, follow the accounting procedures through the accountant for all money spent or received and all logistics. Also to manage inventory of office supplies, including stationery and multimedia equipment to ensure smooth office operations. She will also draft minutes for all multilink meeting in MUHAS- Tanzania and share them in appropriate time.